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"Žatec-town of hops"

The Royal town of Žatec is located in the northwestern part of the Czech Republic. Looking at the town, we can see a wide panorama of hop chimneys which, as symbols of the wealth of the town and of its famous hop-growing and hop-processing traditions, tell the visitors about the rich history connected with hops. The panorama tells us that Žatec represents an important place where a unique story of continuous development, growing, processing, and worldwide trade with hops takes place.

You can see the formation of an extensive area with a set of completely unique hop related buildings that you can not find in a such concentration and scope anywhere in the world. Rare authentic urban and architectural property complex in the town of Žatec witnessed the stormy development of hop-growing industry in a wide area, which is significantly imprinted in a history of world brewing. Žatec is also the attribute of internationally recognized hops brand, Saaz, the best aroma hops in the world. The fine aroma of Saaz hops sets the standard of quality, and this hops initiated the world‘s most successful beer brands. In the local environment, this hops has been studied, scientifically and professionally cultivated for a long time.

The scope, design, architectural attraction and authenticity of hop related buildings are the reason, why the property of Žatec – the Town of Hops might complement a wide range of properties that are included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage. The property represents the heritage of knowledge, protection and preservation, and could significantly enrich the world community because of the authentic structures linked to the processing of hops preserved only in Žatec.

We are aware of this commitment to the unique history, the unique heritage of hop related buildings, and we want to demonstrate that the property comprising the quite specific hop related heritage can become absolutely unparalleled part of the prestigious World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

Mgr. Zdeňka Hamousová

Mayor of Žatec

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Memorandum en

An official step to start all activities of the town of Žatec for nomination documentation was the signing of the Memorandum about cooperation on preparation of the estate: Monuments of Hop Growing and Hop processing and Brewing in Žatec, November 14, 2013.

Partners involved: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Usti Region, The town of Žatec, National Heritage Institute, CHMELARSTVI cooperative, Žatec (hop growing and hop processing coop), Chmelobrana Žatec (cultural and social association focused on promotion of Žatec hop region and on protection and preservation of hop architecture and monuments)