Press Release


The town of Zatec prepared a meeting with the public on the topic of UNESCO

Žatec, June 7th 2017


Žatec town management prepared meeting with the public where will be discussed registration of Žatec town on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The meeting will take place on Tuesday June 13th at 3:30 pm at the premises of the Old Mill.

A Steering group which is in charge of the preparation for registration on a prestigious list will be introduced to the public. The attendance confirmed the town top representatives – the Mayor Zdeňka Hamousová, both of Deputy Mayors Jana Nováková and Jaroslav Špička, who is also the manager for negotiations regarding the registration of Žatec on the UNESCO List.

„We want to explain the public the positives arising from registration of Žatec town on the UNESCO World Heritage List and which new chances this means in terms of tourism and following development of the town. This registration is important for preservation of the architectural uniqueness of the town, but it can also support local patriotism" explained Mayor Zdeňka Hamousová the purpose of the meeting with public.

The preservationists and architects will describe the public on the meeting in Old Mill premises what steps must be taken in cooperation with the National Heritage Institute and with other experts, and what is the exact object of the registration on the UNESCO list.

After the introductory presentation people can ask questions related to UNESCO, including what obligations, duties for the town would imply from registration on the World Heritage List. Or if there are some risks associated with the registration, increased costs of home reconstruction and suchlike.


Participants in the public meeting on UNESCO


Town representatives:

Mayor Zdeňka Hamousová

Deputy Mayor Jana Nováková

Deputy Mayor Jaroslav Špička


Members of Steering group:

Lucie Radová – National Heritage Institute

Olga Bukovičová - National Heritage Institute

Tomáš Trávníček – Head of Building Department

Petr Bažant – architect